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Resolution Archive



The Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board’s (NPAIHB) resolution process is an important mechanism for policy making and is used to assist decision makers on Indian health matters. The usefulness and need of the Board’s resolution process and decision making are clear:

  * Resolutions are used in the Board’s projects, programs, and policies.

  * Resolutions assist in the development of Indian health policies.

  * Resolutions are used to unite policies and people.

  * Resolutions involve input from Tribal constituents (Tribal Leaders, Health Directors, Indian health policy experts, and other Indian health interests).

  * Resolutions provide information about Tribal positions for decision makers.

  * Resolution development is a proactive process that works toward positive outcomes.

Resolutions are introduced at NPAIHB Quarterly Board Meetings and carried on for introduction at the annual Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) conference.  A number of resolutions adopted by ATNI are later introduced at the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) and form the basis of becoming national Indian health policy issues.  This process establishes an national Indian health policy agenda that becomes a focal point for Tribal leader and Congressional advocacy.

05-01-02 CDC Funding for Nat’l Native Tobacco Conference
05-01-03 CDC Grant Application -Interventions, Alcohol Use, and Risk of HIV-AIDS
05-01-04 CDC Funding for Nat’l Program to Promote Diabetes Education
05-02-01 WA State Division of Alcohol & Substance Abuse Funding
05-02-02 Funding for Public Health Emergency Preparedness vis WA State DOH
05-03-01 Intervention to Improve Child Restraint Use in Motor Vehicles
05-03-02 AI-AN Cancer Linkage Project with CHS and State Medicaid Programs
05-03-03 Support NPAIHB 2005 Legislative Plan
05-03-04 Support NPAIHB FY 2006 Health Board Annual Budget Analysis
05-03-05 Support for Child Safety Seat Project in NW Tribal Communities
05-03-06 Maternal, Infant, and Reproductive Health
05-03-07 Support for the NW Tribal Dental Support Center
05-03-08 Support for the NPAIHB to Conduct Medicare Roundtable
05-03-09 Supporting Self Determination under Section 813 (b) (1) (B) of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act
05-03-10 In Support of PRT HIV-AIDS Media Outreach Campaign
05-03-11 Development of Nat’l Diabetes Project Training Curriculum
05-04-01 Research Centers for Health
05-04-02 Facilities Master Plan
05-04-03 Protest of Dental Support Center Award
05-04-04 Tribal Ownership of Data
05-04-05 CDC Tobacco Prevention Grant
05-04-13 NTRC grant
05-04-14 NARCH Model
05-04-15 EpiCenter Eval
05-04-16 ENNACT

06-01-01 Sexually Transmitted Diseases
06-01-02 Translating Interventions
06-01-03 Komen Foundation
06-01-04 Tsunami Preparedness
06-01-05 Underage Drinking
06-01-06 Addressing Sexually Transmitted Diseases
06-02-01 HITS Project
06-02-02 Toddler Tooth Decay Prevention
06-02-03 CHIPP
06-02-04 Cancer Patient Drop-out
06-02-05 STD HIV Tribal Action Plan
06-02-06 Medicaid Provisions
06-03-01 EpiCenter Renewal App
06-03-02 Health Policy Research Project
06-03-03 Teen Suicide Prevention
06-03-04 Data into Action
06-03-05 Closing of Walla Wall
06-03-06 VA IHS Needs Assessment
06-03-07 Toxic Risks in Tribal Diet
06-04-01 NPAIHB to Restructure Committee System
06-04-02 CDC to Maintain and Enhance Tribal STD Prevention Activities
06-04-03 Cancer Surveillance
06-04-04 Health Disparities Study among Minorities and Underserved Women
06-04-05 RWJF Application for NTTPN
06-04-06 Intergenerational Approaches to HIV AIDS Prevention
06-04-07 Application to ALFF for NTTPN
06-04-08 Support for Reauthorization of SDPI

07-01-03 Federal Benefits for Tribes
07-02-01 Rural Mental Health and Drug Abuse
07-02-02 Community-Based Participatory Research
07-02-03 Refining and Testing Mental Health Interventions
07-02-04 Supporting the Dental Health Needs of Indian Country
07-03-01 Support Meth Project
07-03-01 Comprehensive Cancer Program
07-03-02 FAS
07-03-03 Health Promotion-DiseasePrevention Initiative
07-03-04 IHS budget analysis
07-03-05 Legislative Plan
07-03-06 Nutrition Eval
07-03-07 SAMHSA
07-03-08 Cultural Training
07-03-09 REACH
07-04-02 Community Interventions to Increase Child Safety Seat Use in Tribes
07-04-03 Data into Action
07-04-04 Reauthorization Support
07-04-05 Universal Health Care
07-04-06 HFCPS
07-04-07 Special Diabetes
07-04-08 VHA-IHS
07-04-09 CitizenshipProof
07-04-10 IHCIA Amendments

08-02-01 Increase Funding For Dental Services
08-02-02 NW Tribal Registry SIHB SEER Project.doc
08-02-03 National Business Center.doc
08-02-05 SAMHSA-NARA.pdf
08-03-01 CDC National Tribal Tobacco Network.pdf
08-03-02 FASD Elimination of Health Disparities through Translation Research.pdf
08-03-03 Reducing Health Disparities Minority and Underserved Children.pdf
08-03-04 The NARCH.pdf
08-03-05 The FEMA and Quileute Tribe Disaster Relief.pdf
08-04-01 Application of Smoking Cessation for Patients with Diabetes.doc
08-04-02 CMS and IHS to Develop LTC Initiative to Assist Tribes to Provide Elder Care Services.doc
08-04-03 Injury Control Research Center.doc
08-04-04 HRAC Member.doc
08-04-05 Declaring a State of Emergency for Indian Health Care.doc
08-04-06 Comprehensive Center of Excellence.doc
09-01-01 CHS Workgroup.pdf
09-01-02 LNF Workgroup.pdf

09-02-01 Opposition to IHS OIT.pdf
09-02-02 CDC Prevention Specialist.pdf
09-02-03 Support NARCH VI.pdf
09-02-04 STD HIV Action Plan 2009-2011.pdf
09-02-05 Tribal Suicide Action Plan 2009-2013.pdf
09-02-06 Intellectual Property Policy.pdf
FY09-03-02 Data Linkage CHARS.doc.pdf
FY09-03-03 Vital Stats Linkage.pdf
FY09-03-04 State Trauma Linkage.pdf
09-04-01 268-07-09.pdf Support and Urging Congress to Include AllAN Provisions and the Indian Health Care Improvement Act in Health Reform Legislation
09-04-02 267-07-09.pdf Support of the Colville Tribes as they confront destructive impacts on ongoing underfunding of their healthcare system by the Indian Health Service
09-04-03 266-07-09.pdf Support for the reauthorization of the Indian Healthcare Improvement Act
09-04-04 269-07-09.pdf Support for an Area Distribution Fund in the new HFCPS and recommend the IHS Director to implement the new Priority System
09-04-05 270-07-09.pdf   In support of appropriate access to IHS held data for IHS funded Epidemiology Centers, Tribes and Tribal Organizations

10-01-01 WTDP.pdf
10-01-02 IHS Directors Tribal Consultation Workgroup Members.pdf
10-01-03 Hold Harmless.pdf
10-01-04 Demo Project for Regional Projects Portland Area.pdf
10-03-01 2010 Legislative Plan.pdf
10-03-02 ANA Grant.pdf
10-03-03 FY 2010 Budget Analysis.pdf
10-03-04 CHS Position Paper.pdf
10-03-05 Data Linkages Communicable Disease.pdf
10-03-06 Data Linkages Lead Poisoning.pdf
10-03-07 National Diabetes Program.pdf
10-03-08 VISN 20 Consultation with Tribes.pdf
10-01-01 WTDP.pdf
10-01-02 IHS Directors Tribal Consultation Workgroup Members.pdf
10-01-03 Hold Harmless.pdf
10-01-04 Demo Project for Regional Projects Portland Area.pdf
11-01-01 Dev Immunization Info System Interoperability w EMR System.pdf
11-01-02 AD Selection Committee.pdf
11-01-04 Uniform Definition of ‘Indian’.pdf
11-01-05 Tribal Representation for VISN 20 Advisory Council.pdf

11-02-01 NPAIHB Resolution Template.pdf
11-02-02 NW Tribal Substance Abuse Action Plan.pdf
11-02-03 Board Approved Program Ops Manual.pdf
11-02-04 NW Tribal Data Repository.pdf
11-02-05 Portland Area-wide RPMS Database.pdf
11-02-06 Sub-recipient to NIHB HITECH REC.pdf
11-03-04 Support for Renewal of NW Tribal EpiCenter.pdf
11-03-05 Pres Obama to Amend and Reissue Executive Order 13175.pdf
11-03-06 Recommend HHS Secretary and STAC Evaluate Healthy People 2010.pdf
11-04-01 NW Tribal Colorectal Cancer Toolkit.pdf
11-04-02 NW Tribal Cancer Survivorship Study.pdf
11-04-03 287-07-11 CHS HC Actuarial Analysis.pdf
11-04-04 288-07-11 Data Sharing.pdf
11-04-05 289-07-11 Protect IHS Medicaid Medicare adn Social Security.pdf
11-04-06 290-07-11 ARRA Exemption.pdf
11-04-07 291-07-11 CCIIO Include IHS Programs as ECP.pdf
11-04-08 292-07-11 IHCIF Consultation.pdf
12-01-02 PAO Assumption.pdf
12-01-03 Optional Medicaid Benefits.pdf

12-02-01 HP-DP Resolution.pdf
12-02-02 NARCH VII.pdf
12-03-03 Portland Area RPMS.pdf
12-03-04 NIMHD Grant.pdf
12-03-05 Tobacco Grant.pdf
12-03-06 CSC.pdf
12-03-07 Reauthorization SDPI.pdf
12-03-08 Budget Increase IHS FY13.pdf
12-03-09 NPAIHB Comment Ltr on OMB Proposals.pdf
12-03-10 NW Tribal Injury Prevention.pdf
12-04-03 NW Children’s Immunization Improvement Project.pdf
12-04-04 Supplemental Appropriatin to fund BIA and IHS CSC Requirements Result of Recent Supreme Court Decisions.pdf
Resolution 13-01-03 Sequestration.pdf
Resolution 13-01-04 DHAT.pdf
Resolution 13-01-05 CDC EIO.pdf
Resolution 13-01-06 CSC Litigation.pdf


Resolution 13-02-01 CDC Tribal Consultation.pdf

Resolution 13-02-02 FCOI Add to ProgOps.pdf

April 2013
13-03-01 SNEPT.pdf
13-03-02 HPDP In Native American Pops.pdf
13-03-03 Native Sexual Health Consort Project.pdf
13-03-04 OHSU Indoor Air Pollution.pdf
13-03-05 OHSU HPDP.pdf

July 2013
13-04-01 NARCH VIII Resolution (2).pdf
13-04-02 300-07-13 CHS Allocation Formula.pdf
13-04-03 302-07-13 CSC.pdf
13-04-04 303-07-13 Data-based Resource Allocation.pdf
13-04-05 299-07-13 Definition of Indian.pdf
13-04-06 301-07-13 IMCE.pdf
13-04-07 304-07-13 Tribal Epi Centers.pdf
13-04-08 305-07-13 Dental Support Centers.pdf
October 2013
14-01-01 Adolescent Health Tribal Action Plan.pdf
14-01-02 Advance Appropriation for IHS.pdf
January 2014
#14-02-01 MLR Resolution.pdf
#14-02-02 OS-PAW-14-001 Resolution.pdf
#14-02-03 POM Revisions.pdf
#14-02-04 DHAT Washington Legislature.pdf
April 2014
14-03-01 Proposal to Enact Permanent Mandatory Appropriations for CSC under ISDEAA.pdf
14-03-02 Reduce Hepatitis Infections by Treatment and Prevention.pdf
14-03-03 State-Tribal Suicide Prevention Agreement.pdf
14-03-04 Idaho Oregon Washington State Based Exchanges to Provide Tibal Enrollment Data.pdf
June 2014
Resolution 14-04-01 Older Americans Act.pdf
Resolution 14-04-02 CDC RFA DP14-1421 PPHF14.pdf
Resolution 14-04-03 Connecting Kids to Coverage Outreach.pdf
October 2014
15-01-00 Ebola Virus Concerns.pdf
January 2015
15-02-01 WSU School of Medicine.pdf
15-02-02 Oregon Tribal Tobacco Cessation Project.pdf
April 2015
15-03-01 ratification.pdf
15-03-02 2015 Legislative Plan.pdf
15-03-03 Injury Prevention.pdf
15-03-04 Office of Minority Health State Partnership.pdf
15-03-05 NCHHSTP Public Health.pdf
July 2015
15-04-02 315-07-15 Funding Equity for All IHS Areas.pdf
15-04-03 316-07-15 State Grants to Tribal Health Programs.pdf
15-04-04 317-07-15 Facility Master Plans.pdf
15-04-05 318-07-15 State Exchanges_QHP Contracting.pdf
15-04-06 MSPI Reso.pdf
15-04-07 DVPI Resolution.pdf
15-04-08 Dental Resolution.pdf
15-04-09 WTDP SDPI Grant.pdf
15-04-10 RWJF Data Resolution.pdf
October 2015
16-01-01 Persons who Inject Drugs(PWID).pdf
16-01-02 Tribal Exemption from the ACA Employer Mandate v1.pdf
16-01-03 WTDP_SDPI.pdf