Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board: Indian Leadership for Indian Health

Documents from NPAIHB Quarterly Board Meetings

April 2016 QBM Handouts

January 2016 QBM Handouts

00_January Agenda_FINAL_.pdf
1_ Dean Seyerl_AD_NPAIHB Quarterly Report - for January 19 2016 at SilverReef Casino-IPAD Version.pptx
2_Joe_Finkbonner_Executive Director JF FinalReport(v1).pptx
2a_Compiled January 2016 Epi QBM report.pdf
3_Legislative Update - January 16, 2016.pptx
3b_Ltr to THD CMS ECP Petition.pdf
3b2_ECP Provider Petition Instructions 12-09-15.pdf
3b3_ECP Petition FAQs 12-09-15.pdf
3b4_DRAFT HHS ECP List for 2017 benefit year.xlsx
3c FY 2016 Omnibus Final.xlsx
3d_FY 2016 IHS Approriations (Final).pdf
3E_Governor Daugaard letter.pdf
4_Jessica_Lestion_NPAIHB QBM JAN 2016_v2.pptx
5_ Jessie Dean_NPAIHB ACH 101 Presentation final.ppt
5a_ACH Contact Information December 2015.pdf
5b_ACH FAQ November 2015.pdf
6_2010 Strategic Plan final.docx
6_2010 Strategic Plan final.pdf
6_NPAIHB Strategic Plan 2016.pptx
6a_Strategic Plan 2010 with Project Completions 2015.pdf
6B_January Agenda Draft 4__1_7_2015.pdf
7_ Nanette Star Yandell_WEAVE- QBM Jan 2016_PSEs.pptx
7A_February Webinar Flyer_Final[1].pdf
7B_Tribal PSE.2015.docx
8_Stephen LeCuyer_SwinDentalTherapists-ForNPAIHB.ppt
9A_NPIAHB Jan 20 2016 OTGR Update.pptx
9B_NPAIHB 012016 VISN20 Update.pptx
11_Joan Randell_Native Communities talk (NPAIHB) 1 20 16_v5.pptx
11a_Joan Randell_CEI van hand-out NPAIHB 1.16.pdf
13_NPAIHB WSU Native American Health Sciences.pptx
13b_NPAIHB QM Roubideaux 1 20 16 slides.pptx
14_Lummi TATU Jan.2016 Presentation.pptx
16-02-01_We R Native_Text 4 Sex Ed.pdf
2016_Delegate Packet - final.pdf
2016_Jan NPAIHB Newsletter.pdf
Finance_Report_11-30-2015 Balance Sheet.pdf
Finance_Report_11-30-2015 Statement of Revenue and Expenditures.pdf
Finance_Report_Chart-Indirect_Rate_for QBM 11-30-2015.pdf
Finance_Report_Chart-of_Operating_Revenues_for QBM 11-30-2015.pdf
Finance-Report_Grants_Shedule of Expenditures_for QBM 11-30-2015.pdf
July 2015 Complete Meeting Minutes.pdf
Legislative committee report.docx
Native Communities talk (NPAIHB) 1 20 16_v6.pptx
Suggested language re_Contractible_Non-Divisible - HSDW Edits.docx
Tribal Udates_Conf. Siletz_Sandraspowerpoint.pptx
Tribal Updates_ Conf. GR_QBM Presentation.pptx
Tribal Updates_Conf WS_NWPAIHB 1.20.16.pptx
UPDATED QBM Flu Slides (2).pptx