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Health Related Documents

Poison Prevention Poster

If you would like to view or download some Native American themed poison prevention posters, click on the any of the following links:
Poster 1
Poster 2
Poster 3
Poster 4
Poster 5
Poster 6

Policy and Legislation

Priority One: FY 2005 IHS Budget Analysis and Recommendations  (0.35 MB/PDF )
The 2004 NPAIHB Legislative Plan for the Second Session of the 108th Congress (0.10 MB/PDF)
The 2004 Legislative Plan provides legislative health priorities of the 43 Northwest Tribes.
The plan is adopted officially by resolution of the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians and the NPAIHB Board of Directors.

Northwest Tribal Registry Project

NW Tribal Cancer Control Project

Cancer 101 Presentation (1.5MB Powerpoint)

Puukka E, Stehr-Green P, and Becker T. Cancer incidence among Northwest American Indians and Alaska Natives, 1996-2001
The IHS Primary Care Provider:29(9) (Sept. 2004), 212- 216.