Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board: Indian Leadership for Indian Health

2014 April QBM Handouts

April 2014 Handouts

1 NPAIHB Quarterly Report - for April 2014-04172014 - IPAD VERSION-updated 04182014.pptx

2 April 2014 ED Report.pptx

2a Compiled April 2014 Epi QBM report.doc

3 White Paper and Proposal (Draft).pdf

3a 4-11-14 Client Memo re Mandatory CSC Funding (Final).pdf

3b TLL_CSC_consultation_2April2014.pdf

3c 4-11-14 Memo to NIHB re Mandatory CSC Appropriations (Final).pdf

4 Legislative Update - April 23, 2014.pptx

4a HSDW Tax Penalty Indian Exemptions Compliance Guide.pdf

4b exemption-application-instructions.pdf

4c tribal-exemption.pdf

4d Health Care Client Memo RE CMS Releases Final 2015 Letter to Issuers.pdf

4e Memo Q&A Can I Apply After 3-31-14.pdf

4f State-Network-CHCS-Consumer Assistance Resource Guide AI-AN.pdf

4g- FY 2014 Enacted - Detail of Changes.pdf

4h- IHS CSC Technical Workgroup Assignments matrix 03_20_14.docx

4i HSDW Tax Penalty Indian Exemptions Compliance Guide.pdf

4j FY2015 CJ Detail of Changes.pdf

4k CSC Tech WG Options for FY 2014 payment 03_24_14.docx

5 Suquamish Community Assessment2_NWPAIHB April 2014.pdf

6 YV14 CEDAR BOUGH - Health Board.pptx

7 NPAIHB – Wellness in the Workplace.pptx

April 2014 FINAL Agenda.doc

FY2015 President Request.xlsx

NPAIHB Comment Letter_SDPI - February 15, 2014.pdf

2013 NPAIHB Financial Stmt & Reports.pdf

NPAIHB_HOC Asking Permission to Come Ashore_04 14.pptx

Summary of Minutes (from January 2014 QBM).pdf

TLDC Issues.pptx

TLDC version of SDPI FY 2015 Funding Distribution Consultation 3 18 14.pdf

Warm Springs Mobile Health Service.pptx