Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board: Indian Leadership for Indian Health


The Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board’s (NPAIHB) resolution process is an important mechanism for policy making and is used to assist decision makers on Indian health matters. The usefulness and need of the Board’s resolution process and decision making are clear:

  * Resolutions are used in the Board’s projects, programs, and policies.

  * Resolutions assist in the development of Indian health policies.

  * Resolutions are used to unite policies and people.

  * Resolutions involve input from Tribal constituents (Tribal Leaders, Health Directors, Indian health policy experts, and other Indian health interests).

  * Resolutions provide information about Tribal positions for decision makers.

  * Resolution development is a proactive process that works toward positive outcomes.

Resolutions are introduced at NPAIHB Quarterly Board Meetings and carried on for introduction at the annual Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) conference.  A number of resolutions adopted by ATNI are later introduced at the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) and form the basis of becoming national Indian health policy issues.  This process establishes an national Indian health policy agenda that becomes a focal point for Tribal leader and Congressional advocacy.



Resolution#    /      Resolution Title

January 2014
#14-02-01 MLR Resolution.pdf

#14-02-02 OS-PAW-14-001 Resolution.pdf

#14-02-03 POM Revisions.pdf

#14-02-04 DHAT Washington Legislature.pdf

April 2014
14-03-01 Proposal to Enact Permanent Mandatory Appropriations for CSC under ISDEAA.pdf

14-03-02 Reduce Hepatitis Infections by Treatment and Prevention.pdf

14-03-03 State-Tribal Suicide Prevention Agreement.pdf

14-03-04 Idaho Oregon Washington State Based Exchanges to Provide Tibal Enrollment Data.pdf

June 2014
Resolution 14-04-01 Older Americans Act.pdf

Resolution 14-04-02 CDC RFA DP14-1421 PPHF14.pdf

Resolution 14-04-03 Connecting Kids to Coverage Outreach.pdf

October 2014
15-01-00 Ebola Virus Concerns.pdf

January 2015
15-02-01 WSU School of Medicine.pdf
15-02-02 Oregon Tribal Tobacco Cessation Project.pdf

April 2015
15-03-01 ratification.pdf
15-03-02 2015 Legislative Plan.pdf
15-03-03 Injury Prevention.pdf
15-03-04 Office of Minority Health State Partnership.pdf
15-03-05 NCHHSTP Public Health.pdf

July 2015
15-04-02 315-07-15 Funding Equity for All IHS Areas.pdf
15-04-03 316-07-15 State Grants to Tribal Health Programs.pdf
15-04-04 317-07-15 Facility Master Plans.pdf
15-04-05 318-07-15 State Exchanges_QHP Contracting.pdf
15-04-06 MSPI Reso.pdf
15-04-07 DVPI Resolution.pdf
15-04-08 Dental Resolution.pdf
15-04-09 WTDP SDPI Grant.pdf
15-04-10 RWJF Data Resolution.pdf

Octoberl 2015
16-01-01 Persons who Inject Drugs(PWID).pdf
16-01-02 Tribal Exemption from the ACA Employer Mandate v1.pdf
16-01-03 WTDP_SDPI.pdf