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Portland Area Facilities Advisory Committee (PAFAC)

Portland Area Facilities Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Portland Area Facilities Advisory Committee (PAFAC) is to provide recommendations, to the Area Director for the Portland Area Indian Health Service, on issues related to healthcare facilities and staffing.  PAFAC member are appointed by the Portland Area Director and represent the spectrum of differences in Tribal size, geographic location, and health care delivery system (federal and tribally operated).  Some of the activities of the PAFAC include:

• PAFAC activities include recommending modifications to IHS facility systems and methodologies to allow regional healthcare facilities and Area-wide medical centers to be ranked under the new IHS Healthcare Facilities Construction Priority System (HFCPS). 

• The PAFAC also develop strategies for gathering comprehensive information on facility deficiencies and related factors in order to make recommendations on a scoring methodology to be used to distribute Area facility and sanitation funds. 

NPAIHB works closely with the Portland Area Office to assist the PAFAC to carry out its charge.  The Board has organized the following library to assist the PAFAC with document storage and Portland Area Tribes to monitor the work of the PAFAC. 

PAFAC Charters and Responsibilities:
PAFAC Charter—PAO Circular 08-01 
Revised PAFAC Charter—PAO Circular 08-01 (Revised 12/07/2009) 
PAFAC ARRA Charge—February 11, 2009 

Pilot Study & Background documents
Regional Referral Center Fact Sheet & FAQs 
PAFAC Pilot Study:  “Study to Develop Options for Access, Specialty Diagnostic Treatment and Ambulatory Surgery    Services for Geographically Dispersed Populations—Interim PAFAC Report, October 30, 2009” 
•      NPAIHB Resolution Supporting the Pilot Study

PAFAC Documents
Letter to Chehalis Chairman - PAFAC Site Visit - May 14.pdf
Letter to Puyallup Chairman - PAFAC Site Visit - May 14.pdf
Dear Tribal Leader Letter on upcoming PAFAC Presentations, December 20, 2011 
PAFAC Letter to Dr. Yvette Roubideaux, August 27, 2010 
PAFAC Memo IHS Director, Follow up to Tribal Delegation Meeting, June 2, 2010 
Tribal Delegation Meeting Summary, May 4, 2010 
PAFAC Letter to IHS Director, December 2009 
Letter to Andrew Joseph, from IHS Director, November 23, 2009 
Dear Tribal Leader Letter, from IHS-PAO Acting Area Director, March 19, 2009 
•      NPAIHB Resolution for PAFAC ANA Grant - April 22, 2010.pdf

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

PowerPoint Presentations

Improving Access to Specialty Care—April 3, 2012 

ATNI Regional Referral update—September 21, 2010 

2010 Annual Conference Spokane, Washington

Needs Assessment for a Northwest Indian Hospital