Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board: Indian Leadership for Indian Health

Member Tribes Overview

All forty-three federally recognized tribes in Oregon, Washington and Idaho are members, or Delegates, of the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board. Tribal profiles are provided below for each of our member tribes.

Delegates of NPAIHB

Delegates are the cornerstone of NPAIHB, providing direction and guidance on health related legislative activities, program direction and activities, NPAIHB program operations manual changes, and the five year strategic plan. NPAIHB is proud of the many contributions that our member tribes have made to Indian related health issues in the Northwest and in Indian Country.

Delegates meet quarterly to:

  • Review NPAIHB financial status
  • Provide direction and set legislative policy on health related issues affecting Northwest tribes and Indian County
  • Plan future activities of NPAIHB
  • Network
  • Discuss health related state and federal activities

View Tribal Profiles:

Click on the map below to view Tribal profiles of our forty-three federally recognized tribes.

Map of NW Tribes